Operating out of his parent’s Cambridge, Mass home in 1957, a recently married Mike Karess had decided that he had enough of cross country travel as the top salesperson for Magic Marker Corporation of Cherry Hill, New Jersey and decided to start his own company. This new company, New England Industrial Supply, was established as a distributor of markers, strapping, tapes, packing list envelopes, tape machines, shrink wrap, stencil inks and other shipping room supplies. Mike would stock these products in his parent’s garage and would often sell these items right out of the trunk of his 1957 Thunderbird. Ah, the days of innocence.

Eventually Mike had developed a significant customer base and these very same customers would often comment to him that they were going to be switching from stencils to custom printed labels. They asked Mike if he knew of anyone that printed labels and Mike would often refer them to a friend he had in the industry. Eventually when he realized that he too could produce custom printed labels, Mike hired his first employee to run a one color press that was located in a seldom used bathroom in his parent’s house. The Quik Stik Label Manufacturing Company had been born.


Mission Statement

Our mission is very clear. We want to be known as a flexible and responsive label company offering quality products, dependable delivery and competitive pricing. We create long lasting partnerships with existing customers and seek new customers by continually improving our products, processes and services. We are committed to maintaining a safe, creative, respectful, and supportive environment for our employees. These components contribute to customer satisfaction and company success.