Evy Tea

Evy Chen created Evy Tea in 2014. Evy had grown up in China’s Southeast tea country and saw the opportunity to re-invent a centuries-old product in the United States. Her critically acclaimed cold brewed tea is smoother and sweeter than traditional “iced tea” beverages and is able to offer this refreshing taste without the need of added sugars.
Today Evy Tea is a rapidly growing company with multiple retail locations as well as a brewery.  Having dynamic product labels is paramount to her product’s visual appeal.  According to Evy, “The quality of our product labels is important.  We’re an exclusive and premium product – our labels need to reflect these qualities.   We require our bottle labels to be stunning and functional.  QSX Labels routinely provides this to us.”

Evy uses considerably more labels today than it did when the tea was first launched, and QSX has kept pace every step of the way.  “They’ve always accommodated our deadlines, and sometimes these deadlines are very demanding.  They have always come through for us.  Labels are the last, but one of the most important factors of packaging and despite being one of the last items ordered -  QSX always keeps up with us.”
Recently Evy Tea completely redesigned their labels with new designs, shapes, and vibrant color schemes.  QSX helped make the rebranding a success. “Definitely the personal approach that they provide was important, and that they’re local. They’ve gone above and beyond in terms of client services.”