Metal Nameplates

We have extensive experience meeting all commonly refrenced military specifications.

QSX Labels offers complete fabrication capabilities for aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, photosensitive aluminum, special alloys and various synthetic material nameplates. Our processes include chemical etching, lithography, screen printing, photo anodizing, engraving, lamination, urethane doming and die cutting.

Products include etched, engraved and printed metal nameplates, dial faces, front panels, front panel overlays, bar code nameplates and other durable metal product identification products. All products can come with high performance transfer adhesive and/or riveted holes.

We have extensive experience meeting all commonly referenced military specifications including MIL-P-514, MIL-P-19834, MIL-P-15024, MIL-STD-130, MIL-M-13231, GG-P-455 and NSA-2.

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