Oyo Sports

Oyo Sports licenses trademark rights from most major sports leagues. They make toy figures and buildable sets with the high-quality graphics that both their customers (ages 6 and up) and licensors demand. Labels are an important part of their on-demand flexibility and customer experience.

Oyo Founder Tom Skripps says, “In 2011 when we started, we needed a sticker that would essentially be a window label. In normal package manufacturing they’re applied with a machine. We didn’t have this capability, but QSX said they could design a label that would do it. So they created a label that made it possible for us to produce window boxes manually in-house.

“QSX has been with us since we started to create labels for every buildable set that we make.”

The variable data printing that QSX provides is important to Oyo Sports, too. Top teams may sell many units, but the amounts needed for any specific team may only be a relatively small number. Without VDP, Oyo would be stuck with prohibitively large minimum orders. With it, they can tailor their orders to their true needs. “If my minimum order was 2,500 labels, then I wouldn’t be able to sell half of the teams. Key to our business is representing all the teams, and that’s where variable printing is so valuable.”

Labels are a small part of the Oyo Sports expense. “But,” Tom says, “they’re a key part of the play experience. And when I was in medical devices, labels were a key part of the interface, how you communicated care delivery. In healthcare, why would you ever short change yourself on a label?”

Sure, there are many label printing companies, and Tom has considered others. “We’ve had experience with label companies over the years, and the service level that QSX was delivering was more important than saving a few cents. We’ve had labels priced at bigger facilities in the Midwest, but you have longer lead times and bigger minimums. And with QSX being local we can just go over and pick them up. Or they’ll deliver to us. Saving a couple pennies doesn’t help you if you miss the Super Bowl.”

Tom concluded, “It is very important to have a reliable supplier and that’s what QSX is. They’re a very reliable supplier. They’re committed to you and they jump when we need help.”